Sugardaddy’s TasteCasting Event

10 Jun

Sugardaddy’s Retail Store

1329 Cameron Avenue

Lewis Center, OH 43035

Sugardaddy’s online


Mark Tom Allison and Brian

Luxe Brownies & Blondies

What a treat for the palate. These are not your ordinary brownies and blondiess.  Made by hand with only the very best ingredients, packaged as you request for a great gift giving, the brownies and blondies are a pleasure for the eye as well as the palet.  There are no crusty edges on these.  They are  each hand cut round and packaged in a clear container.  Can be purched as a single or as a grouping of your choice. 

The remains after the cutting in completed are cut into bite sized pieces, packaged in a handsom clear bag and sold as pocket change.   Any treats you buy are no older than 24hrs. 

Other items available are Brownie Truffles, Brownie cheese cake.

If you live in central Ohio, you need to stop by and visit this establishment.  If not be sure to visit the web site.

We scored a Great Deal for all readers

15% off on-line or in store purchases use code: 15EX103109 untill October

IMG_0691                       IMG_0683

IMG_0679  IMG_0689

A few tweets from this event

Dark chocolate brownie heaven. I have a bag of Zanzibar Pocket Change from SugarDaddy’s #SDB and it’s alllll mine. Gonna be a great day!

Got a sweet tooth?SugarDaddy’s Bakery’s incredible brownies. #sdb 15% off 10 dollars or more. Use code 15EX103109.

@robblandon what’s your favorite blondie? #sdb #cbustasters

RT @robblandon: I could not stay away from the fiery brunette #sdb 15%discount on $10 or more with code 15EX103109



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