Lunch at Tehku Tea Company

24 Jul

Barry Moore, Rose Landon and myself had a wonderful lunch at the Tehku Tea Company on High St in Dublin this afternoon. We had learned of the tea house following a TasteCasting on twitter while in Orlando on vacation. O wait we are always on vacation. Well, we had decided once back in Ohio we would have to try it out.

Today is Rose’s birthday. What better time to try lunch at Tehku. While checking on my tweeps this morning, I found Barry Moore was lunching at the tea house. We decided to meetup.

What a nice way to spend a coupple of hours. Good friends, good conversation and a great meal.

Rose was educated in tea by the staff and purchased three kinds to try at home. We all learned water temperature was crutial in preparing a cup of tea. Green tea will burn at 220 degrees (the temperature recomended for black tea). Green tea must be steeped at 180 degrees

We were treated to hot out of the oven apple cinnamon scones. We could not resist the aroma coming from the kitchen.

The Walnut crunch tea I had was very good. The walnut flavor adds to this green tea. I was told the tea also contained pinapple and coconut.

We have book marked this place on our GPS as we know we will want to return.

Read the TasteCasting review at
Tehku Tea on Urbanspoon



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