Serendipity Ice Cream and Coffee House

30 Jul

I was once again part of a TasteCasting team which at this event sampled fare from Serendipity Ice Cream and Coffee House. Along with four other TasteCasters, I found this establishment in Uptown Westerville at 33 East College Ave. This is just off State Street which is Route 3 through Westerville. This area of College Ave. was once residential. Serendipity’s has converted one of the historic houses in this area into a space which offers tables for dining as well as a cozy room to enjoy a good book or connect to their free wifi. There is a secluded patio in the back under mature shade trees. You can enter through two doors off College Ave. or a door in the back by the patio and off street parking. We were meet at the door by owner Debbie Mitchel. It was as if she was inviteting us into her home. She explained a little about how long she had been in business and what The Dip had to offer. The Dip is the nickname the place has recieved from the frequent college student visitors. Oh by the way, nine of her employees are local students. I will let Debbie tell you more.



The Space

We were given a tour of the entire space.  When entering from College Ave. west door you find a walkup area to purchase  ice cream.  As you pass the display cases and turn to your left you enter the dining area.  The art hanging on the walls is place under consignment as well as the pottery and jewelry on display.  The walls are painted art as well.  An Otterbein student created the painted walls.






The Food

We had the fortune to taste many of the menu items Serendipity Ice Cream and Coffee House has to offer.

Pepper Jack Cheese Cubes

Pepper Jack Cheese Cubes

The Pepper Jack Cheese Cubes are a crunchy breading surounding the melted pepper jack cheese.  Served with a raspberry sauce, they are a perfect side or as a snack any time of the day. You can choose any one of the dipping sauces for the sides.  Offered are Ranch, Raspberry, Blue Cheese (regular or buffalo)


Caprese Salad

Caprese Salad

We tasted two salads and the Caprese Salad was my favorite.  The spring mix of greens are combined with tomato,fresh soft mozzarella cheese and basil pesto with a balsamic glaze. 



Breaded Spicy Pickles

Breaded Spicy Pickles

The Breaded Spicy Pickles are listed on the menu as another side but these would make a nice wakeup during a long study session.  They are much like other breaded pickles untill you notice the slow mild burn that sneaks up on you after you swallow.  The ranch sauce is a good choice with these.

Grilled Chicken Salad

Grilled Chicken SaladThe Grilled Chicken Salad is a mix of spring greens, avocado, shredded mozzarella cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, and toped with slices of tender grilled chicken breast and a balsamic glaze. Build Your Own Panini's

You can Build your own Panini’s and Bagel sandwichhes here.  You recieve a ticket with all the options.  You select your choices and the sanwich is make to order.  There are way too many options to list but I will say they even have tofu.





Pizza and Stromboli

Pizza and Stromboli

If Italian is what you want try their Pizza and Strombuli.  The strombuli is made to order and is well worth the twenty minute prep time.  The pizza is prepaired with the toppings of you choice. We tasted the peppperoni and pepper.  It was very tasty.


Home made Cookie with Soft Serve

Home made Cookie with Soft Serve

Ther are many deserts to choose from.  The Homemade Cookie and soft serve was served drizzled with chocolate.  The cookies are fresh baked as needed. The soft serve can be combined with flavor bursts.  There are eight flavors to choose from.  I loved the apple.  It is a burst of flavor in every bite.  The flavor bursts can be added to a milkshake also.

The Encore for the experence was the Espresso Chocolate Frappe. WOW This milkshake style drink is fabulous.  The secret is in the premium ground chocolate and Italian espresso.  A real treat on a hot day.

Serendipity Ice Cream and Coffee House is Eco-Friendly using products that are biodegradable and sharing their coffee grounds to local gardeners.

The Crew

From Left to Right we have Jeff and Debbie Mitchel the owners, Carl Sigler and Schon Huges

From Left to Right we have Jeff and Debbie Mitchel the owners, Carl Sigler and Schon Huges

I want to thank the crew of Serenidipy Ice Cream and Coffee House for a magnificent experence.  I loved the space and the food was very tasty.  I have marked my GPS with the location and will be back soon.




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