Max & Erma’s for lunch

13 Aug

The original Max & Erma’s opened more than 35 years ago, but our lunch was at one of their newer locations.  The Lancaster location opened only a few months ago.  We have had lunch here before but I had to write this review based on the incredable value they are now offering. 

The food has always been great from the time I first ate at the Max and Erma’s in German Village when the phones were still on each table.  The phones were used to talk table to table.  With each table numbered, you only needed to dial in the table number and you could talk to whoever answered.  This was great fun.  Now large flat screen TVs have replaced the phone system and the decor of the newer locations are not as eclectic but the great food remains the same.

Our lunch was from the ‘Two for Ten’ menu.  Two lunches for $10 is what this means.  Yes Rose and I both eat lunch at Max and Erma’s for $10.  I had the 6oz cheeseburger and seasoned fries and Rose had the grilled chicken breast and fries.  The ‘Two for Ten’ menu has opptions for everyone.  There are several salads as well as sandwiches. 

We had a great lunch in an great atmosphere for a great price.  You can’t beat that.  Kudo to Max and Erma’s for the value they offer the Columbus area.

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