Skyline Chili Sawmill TasteCasting Event

15 Aug

Greek Origin

Almost everyone has experenced Skyline Chili but did you know Nicholas Lambrinides brought this secret recipe of his mother and grandmother to America in 1949 from Kastoria, Greece.  Yes Greece.  Known today primarlly by their Coneys it might be hard to see the Greek connection.  Nicholas opened his first restaurant overlooking the skyline of Cincinnati.  Thus the name.  The chain is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year.

A Skyline Near You

With 14 locations in central Ohio, you don’t have to drive far to find a Skyline.  This location in the north west area of Columbus you might find difficult to find as it sits back off Sawmill Rd. in the Old Sawmill Square Shopping Center.  At 7668 Sawmill Rd. it is just nort of  Hard Rd.  Hear the owner Scott Redwine explains the location.  Scott, a 18 year veteran with Skyline as an employee, opened his own restaurant just over a year ago.  With a combination of corporate traditions and his special flair,  this location is worth driving a few extra miles to visit.

Tori Serves TasteCasters



Tori, daughter of Scott,  started us off with Skyline dip and corn chips. We were able to munch on chips and dip while the owner Scott  explained many of the things which sets his restaurant apart from the others.  More on that later.

We were next served a Greek salad with seasoned fajita cheese, romaine lettuce, diced tomatoes, sliced pepperoncinis, olives and Skyline’s original recipe Greek dressing.

 The  Skyline 3 way, their signature dish, was presented to us next.  Steaming spagheti is covered with the original secret recipe chili and topped with a mound of shredded chedddar cheese to make this a special dish.

The well known Coney was next.  Skyline Chili is the ideal sauce for coneys.  Topped with a mound of shredded cheese, one of these coneys fills me up.  But that is me.  Some eat many more than I would ever think of.  More on that later.

A Unique Space for This Skyline

 This location has large flat screen TVs, is working on providing free WiFi and its decor reminds me of a Panera.  It has the energy of a sports bar and with no alcohol.  This is a place you can bring the entire family to enjoy good food and take in a OSU game.  O by the way.  Saturday brings a game day menu.  You can tailgate at this Skyline.  Founded in Cincinniti you will find Reds and Bengals on the tube. 

Special Events at Skyline

I have to mention the Iron Coney Event.  This is a coney eating contest.  Organized and held every so offen and  challenged by patrons on occasion, this event bring a palpable engery to the restaurant.  Raigning Champ is Mark Lyle with a remarkable 16 Skyline Chili Cheese dogs.  I will let Scott tell you more about it.

Tuesday is kids eat free day.  Not the same day at all locations.  What a value this could be.  Family of four could have a filling dinner in a great family atmosphere for under $20 easy.

Starting Aug. 24th Skyline will have a ticket sweepstakes where you can win Skyline free for life.  Check a restaurant near you for details.

There are special events periodicly at this Skyline to support charities of local intrest.

Special Thanks

Many thanks to Scott, Tori, and the staff at Skyline Chili of Dublin for a  very memorable evening. 

You can find Skyline Chili of Dublin on Facebook. Click here Visit and become a fan.

Until next time

Robb Landon

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One Response to “Skyline Chili Sawmill TasteCasting Event”

  1. Nancy White September 4, 2009 at 2:24 pm #

    LOVE me some Skyline Chili! When I lived in Cincy we used to say we were headed to Scalini’s for lunch. Sounded like we were headed to some chic urban Italian spot. Nope – just some good ole Greek chili… I miss Skyline – send us Jacksonville TasteCasters some Chili love!

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