Collin Street Bakery

16 Nov

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Freshly Baked Texas Pecan Cakes, Cheesecakes,
Cookies and Pies……

Delivered to your door!

I was invited to try some of the baked goods offered by the Collin Street Bakery.  I was a little reluctant at first because one of the items to try was fruitcake.  I have not been a fruitcake lover.  What lured me in was the cheesecake offering.  So having agreed to sample what they had to offer, I traveled to Worthington to meet up with a few friends to partake of cheesecake, fruitcake, and Collin Street Bakery’s proprietary coffee blend.  Collin Street Bakery had shipped the items to be tasted to the office of Bizresearch. 


A little research on their web site ahead of the tasting indicated this bakery has been around for over 100 years.  The bakery was established in 1896 by two fellows a baker and a businessperson named Tom McElwee. Gus Weidmann, the baker, brought his baking expertise and the Wiesbaken, Germany recipes to the endeavor.  Over the years they have expanded and now offer a wide variety of bake goods and even a special coffee blend using Costa Rican beans.  The pineapple, used in the baked goods, comes from their own plantation in Costa Rica.  They now have three locations in Texas and ship all over the world.



collinstreet 010

Blueberry Cheesecake

They sent two of their cheesecakes for us to try.  The blueberry has three layers of wonderful flavor.  On the bottom there is a buttery graham cracker crust.  The blueberries are sandwiched between two layers of New York style cheesecake.  I attempted to discover the origin of the blueberries with out success but I expect they come from Maine.  The tiny flavorful berries seem to be the same berries from Maine I have enjoyed before.  I found the New York style cheesecake to be very luscious and the blueberries give this cheesecake a real flavor pop.


 The second cheesecake I tried was the White Chocolate Macadamia Cheesecake.  …OMG… The crunchy macadamias amongst the creamy cheese made this my favorite.  Just a hint of salt in the nuts added so much to this creation.  The white chocolate pieces plus the shavings sent my ratings for this cheesecake over the top.



collinstreet 005


Ok, I told you I was not a fruitcake lover.  Well I have never had fruitcake like this before.  When fruitcake was mentioned I envisioned the hard log with sometimes bitter dried candied fruit.  This is not the fruitcake Collin Street Bakery produces.


 I tasted three of their six kinds of fruitcake.  The first was the Apricot Pecan Cake.  It was moist and very tasty.  The apricots and pecans are generously incased in a rich clover-honey batter.  The second was the Pineapple Pecan Cake.  Again, the fruitcake was moist and the sweet pineapple was generously dispersed  along with  whole native pecan halves which are shelled right in Corsicana.  There is a pineapple marmalade added for a zesty and tangy flavor and make this fruitcake truly irresistible.  The last fruitcake was their Apple Cinnamon Pecan Cake.  This one reminded me of my mother’s apple pie.  This soft cake had huge apple pieces as well as almond slices with a toping of pecan halves sealed with a secret glaze.


The Cinchona Costa Rican Coffee is a rich gourmet coffee that comes from the mountains of Costa Rica.  The “rich coast” of Costa Rica, abundant with Tropical rainforest, white water rivers, and live volcanoes, has for centuries produced some of the world’s finest coffee.  My wife and I roast our own coffee from green beans which come from this very region.  We have roasted coffee for years to ensure we drink the freshest coffee.  With the new technology available today, you too can have fresh roasted coffee from the Collin Street Bakery.  Their coffee is bagged in nitrogen infused bags to keep the roasted beans fresh for months.  I found there blend to be very rich and slightly bold.



What great gifts these would make during this holiday season.

I want to thank the Collin Street Bakery, Lara from Bizresearch and Anna Harper Hess for showing me my dislike for fruitcake was unfounded.




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