Hidden Lakes Winery

3 Jun

The Discovery

While driving north on St Rt 33 from Lancaster Rose and I noticed a billboard advertising a winery. Next chance we had, we checked out their web site. We found nice photos and a copy of their menu. There on the home page was mention on entertainment on Thursday nights from 6 pm to 9 pm. Just happens we had Thursday night open.

The Beautiful Setting

As you can see in the video below, this place has a nice patio as well as a comfortable dining room. The patio is covered by the second floor deck which over looks the lake. There are picknic tables on the lawn for overflow.

We were unable to sit on the patio. They were expecting a party which had reserved the space. We were offered and we acepted a table in the dining room next to a window which could be opened so we could hear the entertainment once it started.

The Wine

Here they charge for tastings. You can taste 4 1oz shots of their wines for $4 and 10 for $8. At the lower end that’s 1$ per ounce. That’s about $25 per bottle. That seems to be a lot to decide which bottle to order. We only found one we did not like of the 4 we tasted. We ordered a bottle of the Harvest Gold, a light fruity wine great for a sunny afternoon. As we left we bought a case.

The Food

The food was a huge disapointment. We ordered a 10 inch pizza and only afterward noticed in small print at the bottom of the menu that the pizzas are from Papa Murphy’s. With such a nice setting and good wine why pair these with a take-and-bake pizza? Not a place I would return for a meal.

The Entertainment

As of 6:40 pm, as we left, there was no entertainer even starting to set up. And by the way, the group which reserved the patio had not arived either.


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One Response to “Hidden Lakes Winery”

  1. Jason Manne July 25, 2014 at 4:04 pm #

    It’s been a couple years since you’ve been there. New Management, New Menu, New Prices. Their pizzas are hand made. Wines average $13 a bottle and Entertainment is great! I love Annie Hall and Chaz! Update this post because the above statement does not reflect anything I experienced there!

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