Shanghai Lily

1 Jul

The Atmosphere

The ambiance of the dinning room is only surpassed by the fine food served here. Starched tablecloth on each table with silver wrapped in cloth napkins illuminated with the flicker of a candle.

The Cuisine

As you walk into this fine establishment, you start to expect the menu items might be priced in the $20 to $25 range. When you receive your menu you are surprised to see the entree items range in price from under $10 to $20 with most in the $12 range. Once you make you menu choice and receive your meal you are surprised again. The food is magnificent and the portions are more than adequate. Most folks leave with a box for lunch the next day.

The Service

The staff is very attentive without being obstructive in caring for your needs. We found it very refreshing to be able to easily carry on table conversation with out be asked every few minutes if we needed water or such.

I know you would not be disappointed in dining here. I would call it a 4 star experience at a fast food price.

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