Tip Top Kitchen and Cocktails

7 Apr

After over three weeks out of town, I was looking forward to meeting with my Meet-2-Eat friends for a dinner and conversation. The Tip Top location had been scheduled for a while and I located there website to check out the menu and learn a little about this locally owned and operated eatery. You should check it out for yourself but what I found intrigued me. Tip Top offers comfort dishes your mother might have made. The draft beer list is extensive for a restaurant.

In contrast to the somewhat shabby appearance of the outside, the bar and dinning room is nicely decorated and very clean. If you enter from daylight, give your eyes a few minutes to adjust as the indirect lighting, while making for a cozy experience, is quite a contrast.

No need to worry about ease droppers. All for the piped in music, you can easily carry on a conversation with the person next to or across from you without bothering the couple at the next table with rants of Columbus weather or politics.

On Tap beer list is awesome. Every beer drinker should find one to their liking. If you are in doubt, ask for a sample. You will receive a shot to taste. I enjoyed the Scottish Ale. Would like to have an opportunity to try all 12 beers they have to offer. Maybe they would host a beer tasting for the Meet-2-Eat group.

Whisky cocktails seems to be a specialty for the Tip Top. There are 11 different concoctions you can chose from. The Bus-town Julep contains real Ohio maple syrup.

Eggplant fries? I had to try this. They are offered on their starter menu and come in a basket with plenty of fries to share. Of the two dipping sauces served with the fries, the Bloody Mary was my favorite. The flavor the the eggplant is noticed just after the crunch of the lightly fried breading. The foursquare recommendation was right one this time.

My dinner was the Pot Roast. This vary tasty dish holds to the standard of comfort food Tip Top strives for. The beef was very lean and served with karats, red potatoes and just the right amount of celery.

Tip Top is now on my short list of favorite spots for a casual dinning experience.

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