Serendipity at the Knead

9 Apr

I needed a place to lunch with Rose and my Mother before visiting Franklin Park Conservatory. I had dinner at Knead with the Meet-2-Eat group in February and liked the food so decided to try it for lunch.

We arrived for our early lunch and found that the favorite dish I had for dinner was unavailable. Dinners are only served after 5pm. Looking over the lunch menu proved to be a little frustrating. I am trying to stay away from bread and most starchy foods. My choices seamed to be limited to sandwiches, pizza or salads. Ruling out the sandwiches and pizza, I was left with salads. The Simply Ohio Salad, a chef’s garden mixed lettuce with radishes and rainbow carrots dressed with ginger honey balsamic vinaigrette, seemed to be way too light to satisfy my hunger. I choose the Organic Ohio Baby Beets salad. The beets are roasted and sliced, mixed with walnuts, smoked blue cheese, mandarin oranges and micro arugula and all layered on a crusty bread slice they call olive crostini. My mother ordered the Simply Ohio Salad and found she could add grilled chicken for a protein boost.

When our food arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by the volume and presentation of my dish. The beets were roasted soft but not mushy and quite tasty. The blue cheese paired quite well with the beets and walnuts although I am not sure what was meant by smoked. The blue cheese crumbles were much like the cheese I buy made by the Amish.

We all had a great lunch and went on to the conservatory very satisfied.

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